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Behind Every Great Woman is a Powerful Community

All around us, women and men are quietly working to create a more just, healthy and peaceful world. They care for survivors of conflict. They share skills and ideas that strengthen communities. They are today’s unsung heroes.

Every once in awhile, one of these heroes is brought to light. Lyn Lusi, HEAL Africa’s co-founder, was recently awarded the prestigious Opus prize for her work in solving today’s most persistent social problems in Congo. Yet she also represents the tireless efforts [...]

Congolese Youth from Goma Speak Directly

This PBS Newshour piece was created by HEAL Africa’s Gender Advisor Assistant, Francine Murhebwa. The piece interviews 10 Congolese Youth on why they did or did not vote in the recent elections in DR Congo. Part of HEAL Africa’s mission is to provide a space for Congolese voices who might not be heard otherwise.  As in any country, there are many opinions about politics. HEAL Africa is a place where people with different backgrounds work together on behalf [...]

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