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HEAL Africa Report on Internally Displaced Persons



 HEAL AFRICA’s mission is to preserve the dignity of all people and to improve the health of all communities.  Within this framework, HEAL AFRICA’s emergency team carried out a mission to analyze the situation for people displaced by war in Mugunga and Don Bosco and to identify emergency needs there.

The general objective of our field visits is:

To analyze the general situation of internally displaced people in the Mugunga camp and in the Don Bosco transit site.




Specific objectives

For our site visits, [...]

Interviews from HEAL Africa Patients

On Monday, November 19th, 2012, war erupted in Goma between a rebel group, called ‘M23,’ and the Congolese army. As these two armed groups engaged in a two day-long firefight, many people were displaced, wounded, and killed. By Wednesday morning, M23 had declared victory and stated that they will continue to ‘liberate’ the rest of the country from the control of the Congolese army. While sentiments are mixed about the new regime, even those supportive of the new government regret [...]

HEAL Africa’s Emergency Team Rapid Assessment

The HEAL Africa team did a rapid assessment of the situation among the displaced people on Tuesday and Wednesday.  HEAL Africa is working in partnership with PPSSP, a Congolese organization with ten years of experience in community development and relief work in North Kivu.  They are members of the UNOCHA coordinating committee which will orchestrate the various international development organizations providing relief and response.  This complex and constantly changing situation will require a concerted effort to maximize efficiency and prevent [...]

Interviews from Goma

Stephane Alimasi,  Secretary at  HEAL Africa

We have lived this war in a climate of fear.  We were waiting for the crackling of bullets, bombs.  We stayed in our houses without moving, we were hungry, no market were open to buy food, and until now in the city of Goma there is neither water nor electricity.   It is a catastrophic situation which would bring us diseases like cholera and other diarrheal diseases.   We are humanitarians, we want peace, and [...]

Les rapports de Goma

Stephane Alimasi, Secretaire HEAL Africa

Cette guerre nous l’avons vécu dans un climat de peur, on attendait des crépitements de balles, et des bombes, nous sommes restés dans des maisons sans bouger, nous avions faim, il n’y avait pas de marché pour s’approvisionner en vivre, et  jusqu’à maintenant dans la ville de Goma,  il n’ya ni  électricité, ni eau, c’est une situation catastrophique qui peut nous amener des maladies comme le cholera, et autres maladies diarrhéiques. Nous sommes [...]

Tomorrow is Uncertain

Updates and Letters of Appeal from Dr. Luc Malemo and Dr. Margaret Salmon

Tomorrow is uncertain –Dr. Malemo

From Dr. Salmon, received Wed, Nov 21, 2012:

Subject: Goma, a functioning trauma center without supplies. Unacceptable

Below find our chief of surgery and director of emergency medicine’s morning comment and second appeal for assistance.  HEAL Hospital is functioning, has 24/7 surgical coverage, multiple general and OB surgeons on site, emergency medicine residents in the emergency room, FAST trained, trauma trained and ready to be there [...]

HEAL Africa’s Staff Remains in Goma, Committed to Serving Congo

This morning we received an update from Dr. Lussy at HEAL Africa in Goma:

‘It was calm in Goma last night, so we slept.  Until this morning we have received  49 seriously wounded that we are taking care of.  We ran out of fuel during the night and the generator stopped.  We have gotten a bit of fuel for today.  I just talked with Dr. Jo in Kigali.

We really appreciate the efforts that Margaret Salmon made, and an MSF (doctors without [...]




In Goma, HEAL Africa gives emergency care to the war wounded.

Goma, 20 Novembre 2012 – 41 people are now inpatients at the HEAL Africa hospital after being injured by bullets during the fights between the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) and the Movement of March 23 (M23).  These battles occurred in the city of Goma Monday the 19th and Tuesday the 20th of November 2012.

The number of wounded includes 19 children under 18 years [...]

Update by Dr. Justin Lussy, HEAL Africa Assistant Legal Representative

The city of Goma passed to the control of the rebel group M23 over a series of struggles this morning the 20th of November, after a hard battle in the center of Goma. The M23 rebels are visible everywhere in town. There is some sporadic shooting in the outlying neighborhoods of the city.

Some gunshot victims came to the hospital affer the intense gun battles. Now there are calls from various neighborhoods for HEAL Africa’s ambulance to come and pick up [...]

Rocket Landed in Birere, HEAL Treating Wounded

A bomb or rocket landed in the neighborhood called Office in Goma today. Photograph by Prince Agakhan of Maisha Soul

In the early hours of November 19, Dr. Jo Lusi, Co-founder of HEAL Africa in Goma, spoke on the phone with Judy Anderson, Executive Director of HEAL Africa in the United States. He said one or more rockets landed in Birere, a short distance from the hospital. HEAL Africa hospital is currently treating 30 patients who were wounded. It wasn’t immediately [...]

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