A bomb or rocket landed in the neighborhood called Office in Goma today. Photograph by Prince Agakhan of Maisha Soul

In the early hours of November 19, Dr. Jo Lusi, Co-founder of HEAL Africa in Goma, spoke on the phone with Judy Anderson, Executive Director of HEAL Africa in the United States. He said one or more rockets landed in Birere, a short distance from the hospital. HEAL Africa hospital is currently treating 30 patients who were wounded. It wasn’t immediately clear if all 30 were wounded in the rocket attack. Dr. Lusi drove to Kigali today to try and get more medical supplies to treat the wounded.


Kanyaruchinya, in the ‘no man’s land’ between Kibumba and North of Goma, is now engulfed in the violence and insecurity caused by the M23. Kanyaruchinya became an internally displaced peoples’ camp in July 2012 because of insecurity in Rutshuru and Kibumba. It has now fallen to that same violence and citizens are moving by foot towards Goma. Alice and the thousands at the camp have had to flee again, seeking shelter, and are going farther and farther from where “home” was before this round of fighting.


Currently, HEAL Africa is collecting emergency medical supplies to treat those wounded in the fighting. Many NGOs and international aid workers have been forced to move across the border to neighboring Rwanda, however HEAL Africa remains operational and dedicated to treating the survivors of the ongoing violence.


HEAL Africa Congo urgently needs your supplemental financial support for shelter, food, water, support for those who have been wounded, raped, or are sick as a result of the war.  Whether it’s $5, $50 or $500, every bit makes a difference in emergency situations like this one. Click here to give. Donate to the General Fund and include “emergency fund” in the memo line.

All donations for emergency relief will be sent directly to Goma.


As of 2:30 p.m. PST, we have confirmed reports that M23 is on the outskirts of Goma. MONUSCO troops prevented their taking the airport. We are receiving reports and will be updating our website as the team in Goma is able to get news out.