Updates and Letters of Appeal from Dr. Luc Malemo and Dr. Margaret Salmon

Tomorrow is uncertain –Dr. Malemo

From Dr. Salmon, received Wed, Nov 21, 2012:

Subject: Goma, a functioning trauma center without supplies. Unacceptable

Below find our chief of surgery and director of emergency medicine’s morning comment and second appeal for assistance.  HEAL Hospital is functioning, has 24/7 surgical coverage, multiple general and OB surgeons on site, emergency medicine residents in the emergency room, FAST trained, trauma trained and ready to be there for the 1 million terrified citizens in Goma.

But, they need supplies.  There are enough local supplies (across border) to purchase.  We already have logistics ready on the ground in Rwanda and Uganda, but this is a Congolese organization.  All care is provided free at this time so the hospital is not generating revenue.  And, the first 50 trauma patients is only the beginning.  Goma is too insecure to move freely so we know from data that the vast majority of people just couldn’t get to the hospital but will sometime soon (I hope).

As leaders of some of the worlds largest NGO’s, I appeal, we must be able to do better than this.  If it is an issue of security?  Let us figure it out.  Funds or supplies.  We are in Day 2 and it has only started.

Thank you


From Dr. Luc Malemo, received Wed, Nov 21, 2012:

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I was in emergency at HEAL Africa. Two pregnant woman (6 months of gestational age, the second 7 months GA) delayed to reach HEAL Africa due to lack of ambulance.

We call for any organization that can provide the hospital with one or two medicalized ambulances so that we can prepare for the uncertainty in front (of us). Tomorrow is uncertain.



HEAL Africa is recognized for its trauma care and medical research. It’s Congolese staff remain in Goma providing critical care in a highly unstable situation. Thanks to generous donations from HEAL Africa supporters, this morning we were able to advance funds to begin the process of restocking supplies, refueling the generators and ensuring the HEAL Africa staff are able to continue supplying the medical care so badly needed in Goma.

HEAL Africa Congo urgently needs your supplemental financial support for shelter, food, water, support for those who have been wounded, raped or are sick as a result of the war. Whether it’s $5, $50 or $500, every bit makes a difference in emergency situations like this one. Click here to give.  Donated to the General Fund and include “emergency fund” in the memo line.

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