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Goma’s situation still too perilous for far too many people

On December 17th, the United Nation’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) issued a report outlining the key issues and priorities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to date. The full text of the report can be found here: North Kivu Situation Report 18 OCHA – DRC

OCHA highlights and key priorities include:

Concerns for protection of civilians as armed groups reportedly amass in Masisi
Education specialists start rehabilitating 261 schools in Beni territory; 100 schools to receive [...]

Innovative Research at HEAL Hospital

Ultrasound-guided regional nerve block (USRNB) is a safe and simple analgesia tool for site-specific, rapid pain relief for bone and soft tissue injuries. Dr. Margaret Salmon led a study at HEAL Africa, exploring the use of USRNB. 39% of patients at the HEAL hospital and similar institutions would otherwise receive no analgesia for pain as narcotics are rarely available. Patients reported the USRNB dramatically reduced their pain levels, illuminating the potential of using this technology in impoverished areas as part of [...]

HEAL Africa invites the youth of Goma to discuss peaceful solutions

On the 20th of November the rebel group M23 took Goma, the capital of the eastern province North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. During and after the fighting between the M23 and the Congolese army the people in Goma found themselves in an environment of violence and war. Unfortunately frustration was growing and with it also the fragmentation of people and the mistrust between different tribes and ethnics.


To prevent further harm, HEAL Africa invited young people of [...]

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