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Drugs are defined as “any substance that alters normal neural activity or interrupts neural transmission”, according to Samuel Kule, Pharmacist and Head of Pharmacy at HEAL Africa.  He spoke of this definition in light of International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

“At HEAL Africa’s hospital, at least one patient a month is treated for complications due to drug abuse and overdose”, says Dr. Albin Serugendo, Specialist and Head of Internal Medicine at HEAL Africa.  Speaking of recent cases [...]

Take one minute to help an uprooted family, the theme of the World Refugee Day 2013.

As part of this commemoration, a HEAL Africa team visited the internally displaced people’s (IDP’s) camp at Mugunga III where they direct relief activities to meet some of the needs of the IDP’s.

HEAL Africa is focusing assistance on 600 households who are:  people living with disabilities, people living with HIV, pregnant women, single women, and orphans and the elderly. The overall assistance of this program is estimated to be for 3000 people. This is a community of people from [...]

Prenez 1 minute pour aider une famille déracinée, theme de la journee mondiale des refugies 2013.

Dans le cadre de cette commemoration, une equipe de HEAL Africa a visitee le site des deplaces de Mugunga III ou l’Organisation mene des activites d’appui urgent a quelques categories de ces fugitifs.


Il s’agit d’une aide a 600 deplaces  vulnerables du camp de Mugunga III parmi lesquels: des personnes vivants avec handicap, les personnes vivant avec VIH, les femmes enceintes, les femmes vivant seules, les orphelins et les personnes agees. Considerees a une moyenne de 5 personnes par ménage, [...]

International day of fighting against abuse of the elderly: the Mother of Nations project produces fruits.

<< The other surprising thing is to see that 5 other elder women have come to join the solidarity group installed here by HEAL Africa >>

Affirmation of Mr. Evariste TSHISHIBANJI, Vice President of the Alaline market’s sellers committee in Goma on Friday, June 14.

Speaking of the suffering that these people weakened by age and rejected by the community experience, the one in charge of the market believes that the Mothers of the Nation has been more than a relief [...]

Journée internationale de lutte contre la maltraitance des personnes âgées, le projet Mère des Nations produit des fruits.

<<L’autre chose qui surprend c’est de voir que 5 autres vieilles femmes viennent de se joindre au groupe de solidarité et d’entraide mutuelle installé ici par HEAL Africa>>. Affirmation de Monsieur Evariste TSHISHIBANJI, Vice président de la structure des vendeurs du marché Alanine de Goma vendredi 14 juin.  Parlant de la souffrance que connaissaient ces personnes affaiblies par l’âge et rejetées par la communauté, ce responsable du marché estime que Mère des Nation aura été plus qu’un soulagement aux [...]

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