The delegates from the World Bank Group, escorted by Ms. PIA PEETERS, SR Social Development Specialist Africa Region, Conflict and Social Development Unit, visited HEAL Africa DRC on Tuesday November 26th, 2013. The group composed of Ms. PIA PEETERS, Ms. LISETTE KHONDE and Dr. HARALD HINKEL was received by the administrative team of HEAL Africa DRC in Goma.

The main purpose of this visit was to follow-up on promises made by the UN General Secretary, BAN KI-MOON, during his last joint visit in DRC on 23rd May 2013, during which he was accompanied by the President of the Word Bank Group Dr. JIM YONG KIM. The local team presented a PowerPoint presentation of HEAL Africa, which showed and explained HEAL Africa and its achievements in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as its different partners throughout the world. In response to the presentation, Ms. PIA noted that they were on a mission that covers the African Great Lakes region.  They were collecting project design information from different NGOs. She asked HEAL Africa to submit/provide information on the gaps remaining uncovered in specific areas like Gender-based Sexual Violence, Reproductive Health, as well as the shared experiences between the three countries in the Great Lakes region namely the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. Ms. PIA noted the fact that the World Bank Group never funds or signs contracts with NGOs, but rather with governments. That is its intervention approach. Therefore, no other organization or individual can be its intermediate. She added that the World Bank will develop project ideas that will be submitted to the Government for issuing calls for tenders; the government will then publish the offer for which NGOs including HEAL Africa will apply for funding. HEAL Africa shared with the World Bank team observations about gaps in the above mentioned areas and shared reports of evaluation studies already made by HEAL Africa ​​in the areas of Gender-based Sexual Violence and reproductive health. Ms. Pia expressed satisfaction with the visit and the work of HEAL Africa, she wrote the following words in the HEAL Africa visitors’ book: “Dear Colleagues, Thank you very much for sharing your insights and an overview of the incredible work HEAL Africa does. I am sure this is the first of other visits to come in future.” Mrs. PIA promised to come the following week for a visit to the HEAL Africa hospital. As promised, the delegates came to visit the hospital. They were taken around by Dr. Justin Paluku, Deputy Director of HEAL Africa. At the end of the tour, the delegates met with 3 members of the Coordination Committee of HEAL Africa. The delegates expressed the willingness of the World Bank to work with HEAL Africa in North-Kivu province and Panzi Foundation in South-Kivu province through the DRC government.  The delegates confirmed that 3 projects will be funded by the World Bank in the Great Lakes region. Many issues were discussed regarding the role that HEAL Africa will have to play in the 3 projects. The discussion was very fruitful.