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In Masisi, HEAL Africa works with health centers and the people to prevent HIV

“Before we did not know if a pregnant woman was infected with HIV/AIDS, but now we have the opportunity to not only have knowledge, but also, and especially to protect the baby from HIV infection,” testifies Kakule Kakwanza, the nurse who runs the health center in Busumba.  It is located in an area that has seen much troop movement and displacement of people in the past twenty years.

Since HEAL Africa trained the staff and provided the testing services at Kakwana, [...]

A Masisi, HEAL Africa travail avec des centres de santé et la population pour prévenir le VIH

« Avant nous ne pouvions pas savoir si une femme enceinte est atteinte du VIH Sida, mais maintenant nous avons la possibilité non seulement de le savoir, mais aussi et surtout de préserver le bébé de toute contamination au VIH. »  témoigne Kakule Kakwanza, l’infirmier qui dirige le centre de santé de Busumba. 

Depuis que HEAL Africa a installé dans sa structure un programme de prévention de la transmission du VIH de la mère à l’enfant(PTME),  Kakwanza accueille désormais des nombreuses femmes enceintes [...]

HEAL Africa’s Palliative Care Program

Roger Basungeli is a very experienced community health worker. He has seen so much misery and pain during his seven years as the head of the Palliative Care program at HEAL Africa. Roger’s job involves caring for the dying and the chronically ill. He brings what little comfort he can to those who are suffering or near the end of their life. He is the father of five children, calm, considerate and quietly goes about his difficult work without [...]

International Day of Women 2012

Today, March 8, is the International Day of Women. Below, you will find a link to an interview with Dr. Eulalie Vindu who heads up the Children’s AIDS Program (CAP) at HEAL Africa. CAP provides treatment and support to children living with HIV. Currently, over 450 children are receiving antiretroviral treatment and many more are receiving other kinds of support. We sat down with Dr. Vindu to talk about her experience of being a professional woman in DR Congo. [...]

Journey of Michael, Justin and Mama Noella

He wanted only to care for his family – and he paid for it with his life.

“Congo was in war”, remembers Michael.*

“Dad wanted to defend our little petrol station when the armed men came. He feared that we would starve without our little business”, tells the 17 year old boy.  When the father realized that it was too dangerous to stay in Sake, he tried to flee the little town in Eastern Congo, and join his wife and their [...]

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