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The Economist Remembers Lyn Lusi

This week’s issue of The Economist features a moving obituary remembering the life of HEAL Africa co-founder Lyn Lusi. Click here to read the full text, below is an excerpt:

“Like Jo (Lusi), she was meant to heal. “Isn’t that a beautiful word?” she would say. The letters stood for Health, Education, Action, Love. Healing meant not just of the body but of the whole person: mind, spirit and potential, bringing it [...]

Tribute to Lyn Lusi on the Floor of the US Senate

On Tuesday, March 20th, Senator Dick Durbin paid tribute to Lyn Lusi on the floor of the US Senate. Below is an excerpt from that speech. To watch the full speech given in the US Senate, click here.

“We just got word this morning that Lyn passed away from cancer. I wished to come to the floor and remember her and the great work she has done, which I am sure will be carried on by Jo her [...]

HEAL Africa Mourns the Loss of Co-founder Lyn Lusi

Lyn Lusi was the heart of HEAL Africa. Everybody called her “Mama.” She was like a mother to the 400 employees of HEAL Africa and to the thousands and thousands of women, children and men for whom HEAL Africa was and is providing care for. Lyn passed away in Goma, DR Congo, on the evening of March 17th.  One patient in HEAL Africa’s ward reflects the impact of losing her while confirming the legacy of compassion and generosity she [...]

HEAL Africa On PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly

The award-winning PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly provides distinctive, cutting-edge news coverage and analysis of national and international events in the ever-changing religious world. Its correspondents travel around the nation and  the globe to explore how issues of faith, religion and ethics shape both national and international events.

This past week, the program featured a compelling overview of HEAL Africa. It emphasized our focus on whole person health and highlighted the synergy among our programs. Conversations with founders Lyn and [...]

Children’s Book Featuring HEAL Africa

HEAL Africa Students Share Their Creativity and Their Voices Through A Unique Children’s Book

HEAL Africa is proud to highlight a wonderful new children’s book that features the creativity of over 30 young students at the Tungane and Mugunga schools in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The book also highlights the inspirational work of HEAL Africa’s programs in DR Congo and features HEAL Africa’s Lyn Lusi as an inspirational female role model.

NDEZE AND NDAKASI’S NEW HOME is a touching [...]

Behind Every Great Woman is a Powerful Community

All around us, women and men are quietly working to create a more just, healthy and peaceful world. They care for survivors of conflict. They share skills and ideas that strengthen communities. They are today’s unsung heroes.

Every once in awhile, one of these heroes is brought to light. Lyn Lusi, HEAL Africa’s co-founder, was recently awarded the prestigious Opus prize for her work in solving today’s most persistent social problems in Congo. Yet she also represents the tireless efforts [...]

HEAL Africa Co-Founder Lyn Lusi Wins Opus Prize

We are thrilled to be able to announce that the Opus Prize Foundation released the news today that HEAL Africa co-founder Lyn Lusi is the winner of the 2011 Opus Prize. The Opus Prize is given annually to recognize unsung heroes of any faith tradition, anywhere in the world, solving today’s most persistent social problems. The prize will be awarded at a ceremony on the Loyola Marymount University campus on November 2nd.

This humanitarian award is one of the world’s [...]

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