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In Masisi, HEAL Africa works with health centers and the people to prevent HIV

“Before we did not know if a pregnant woman was infected with HIV/AIDS, but now we have the opportunity to not only have knowledge, but also, and especially to protect the baby from HIV infection,” testifies Kakule Kakwanza, the nurse who runs the health center in Busumba.  It is located in an area that has seen much troop movement and displacement of people in the past twenty years.

Since HEAL Africa trained the staff and provided the testing services at Kakwana, [...]

One Million Women Walk Out, Dance and Rise up – Demanding an End to Violence!

Rape and gender-based violence is an issue that affects girls and women around the world.   It happens in families of privilege as well as those in poverty. It occurs on university campuses, in armed forces and in offices of all kinds.  It is an issue that cuts across all sectors of society, all religious groups, and all socio-economic levels.   One in three women on the planet will be raped or beaten in her lifetime (onebillionrising.org). [...]

HEAL Africa Report on Internally Displaced Persons



 HEAL AFRICA’s mission is to preserve the dignity of all people and to improve the health of all communities.  Within this framework, HEAL AFRICA’s emergency team carried out a mission to analyze the situation for people displaced by war in Mugunga and Don Bosco and to identify emergency needs there.

The general objective of our field visits is:

To analyze the general situation of internally displaced people in the Mugunga camp and in the Don Bosco transit site.




Specific objectives

For our site visits, [...]

HEAL Africa’s Emergency Team Rapid Assessment

The HEAL Africa team did a rapid assessment of the situation among the displaced people on Tuesday and Wednesday.  HEAL Africa is working in partnership with PPSSP, a Congolese organization with ten years of experience in community development and relief work in North Kivu.  They are members of the UNOCHA coordinating committee which will orchestrate the various international development organizations providing relief and response.  This complex and constantly changing situation will require a concerted effort to maximize efficiency and prevent [...]

Les rapports de Goma

Stephane Alimasi, Secretaire HEAL Africa

Cette guerre nous l’avons vécu dans un climat de peur, on attendait des crépitements de balles, et des bombes, nous sommes restés dans des maisons sans bouger, nous avions faim, il n’y avait pas de marché pour s’approvisionner en vivre, et  jusqu’à maintenant dans la ville de Goma,  il n’ya ni  électricité, ni eau, c’est une situation catastrophique qui peut nous amener des maladies comme le cholera, et autres maladies diarrhéiques. Nous sommes [...]

Tomorrow is Uncertain

Updates and Letters of Appeal from Dr. Luc Malemo and Dr. Margaret Salmon

Tomorrow is uncertain –Dr. Malemo

From Dr. Salmon, received Wed, Nov 21, 2012:

Subject: Goma, a functioning trauma center without supplies. Unacceptable

Below find our chief of surgery and director of emergency medicine’s morning comment and second appeal for assistance.  HEAL Hospital is functioning, has 24/7 surgical coverage, multiple general and OB surgeons on site, emergency medicine residents in the emergency room, FAST trained, trauma trained and ready to be there [...]

Patient Returning Home After Nine Year Hospitalization

After 9 years at HEAL Africa, and twelve surgeries, Nyirana Mataiya is healthy and going home. She came to HEAL Africa with a complicated fistula, a tear in the vaginal or rectal wall resulting in incontinence.  Nyirana’s fistula was the result of rape. In 2000, when she was 8 months pregnant, militias in the Masisi Mountains where she is from, captured her, held her hostage and five armed men sexually assaulted her. In addition to being left with a [...]

HEAL Africa Featured on the PBS Newshour

On March 7, the eve of the International Day of Women, HEAL Africa was featured on the PBS Newshour.  The award winning program is known for their 35 years of solid, reliable reporting that has made the PBS NewsHour one of the most trusted news programs in television. The HEAL Africa piece was an overview of the work of HEAL Africa and the organization’s response to the devastating violence caused in the ongoing conflict in the east of the Democratic [...]

International Day of Women March in Goma, DR Congo

“Listen to women for a more democratic future in Congo!” With this slogan, female staff of HEAL Africa took part today in the International Day of Women march in the town of Goma in the east of DR Congo. HEAL Africa’s employees donated fabric for traditional clothes to female patients in the hospital. The traditional fabrics, named “pagne” in French, are required in order to take part in the march of women in Goma.

More than 500 women from non-governmental [...]

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