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HEAL Africa invites the youth of Goma to discuss peaceful solutions

On the 20th of November the rebel group M23 took Goma, the capital of the eastern province North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. During and after the fighting between the M23 and the Congolese army the people in Goma found themselves in an environment of violence and war. Unfortunately frustration was growing and with it also the fragmentation of people and the mistrust between different tribes and ethnics.


To prevent further harm, HEAL Africa invited young people of [...]

HEAL Africa Report on Internally Displaced Persons



 HEAL AFRICA’s mission is to preserve the dignity of all people and to improve the health of all communities.  Within this framework, HEAL AFRICA’s emergency team carried out a mission to analyze the situation for people displaced by war in Mugunga and Don Bosco and to identify emergency needs there.

The general objective of our field visits is:

To analyze the general situation of internally displaced people in the Mugunga camp and in the Don Bosco transit site.




Specific objectives

For our site visits, [...]

Singing Across Borders

Rose Bagwire will finish high school next year. The 18 year old student lives in Gisenyi, Rwanda. Only five kilometers away, François Bauma Ndole is attending the Institute for Rural Development in Goma, the Congolese sister city of Gisenyi. The 23 year old university student does not know Rose personally, but both of them sing the same rap song: “Our friends, our brothers, our sisters have died. Now it is enough. Give us peace, peace, peace”. The song was [...]

Children’s Book Featuring HEAL Africa

HEAL Africa Students Share Their Creativity and Their Voices Through A Unique Children’s Book

HEAL Africa is proud to highlight a wonderful new children’s book that features the creativity of over 30 young students at the Tungane and Mugunga schools in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The book also highlights the inspirational work of HEAL Africa’s programs in DR Congo and features HEAL Africa’s Lyn Lusi as an inspirational female role model.

NDEZE AND NDAKASI’S NEW HOME is a touching [...]

Congolese Youth from Goma Speak Directly

This PBS Newshour piece was created by HEAL Africa’s Gender Advisor Assistant, Francine Murhebwa. The piece interviews 10 Congolese Youth on why they did or did not vote in the recent elections in DR Congo. Part of HEAL Africa’s mission is to provide a space for Congolese voices who might not be heard otherwise.  As in any country, there are many opinions about politics. HEAL Africa is a place where people with different backgrounds work together on behalf [...]

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