Decades-long conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo has wreaked social and economic havoc, with women being the hardest hit–and most central to ultimate recovery.HEAL Africa works with women and their communities to offer the support and tools needed– medical, educational, and economic–to ensure their physical, psychological and financial well-being.

Comprehensive Help for Rape Victims

Due to continuing conflict in the DRC, rape has reached epidemic proportions. HEAL Africa supplies the immediate treatment women need, medically and emotionally, and follows up with years of counseling, literacy and job training, plus small business financing to help them begin life anew. We also work with their families to gain reacceptance for them or, failing that, provide a new home. All of which creates a sense of dignity and self-worth, and elevates her status in the community.

HEAL Africa Provides the Following Resources for Women

Gender and Justice
Supports the premise that the law must express the collective will of the community and be enforced by the judicial system. Also, that existing women’s rights must be actively exercised by them.

Heal My People
This “frontlines” program helps identify survivors of rape and connects them with vital medical, psychological, and social recovery programs.

Safe Motherhood
Women can belong to maternity micro-insurance groups to ensure that they receive proper medical care from prenatal screening through delivery. Locally managed, each member pays into the program and receives care from quality health providers—many trained by HEAL Africa medical staff. Contraception and safe birthing are major areas of education and support.

Women’s Centers
These safe houses offer access to medical care, counseling, and training in a secure setting.