HEAL Africa tackles the healthcare situation in the Congo from two distinct directions—treatment and prevention. We treat medical issues at our main hospital in Goma and over 91 rural health centers and clinics. Many of the major health problems of the Congolese are, in fact, preventable. Therefore, great effort is devoted to prevention.


The HEAL Africa Medical Center in Goma began as a small hospital, and has grown to become a major 155-bed reference hospital. Medical specialty areas include general surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, pediatrics and family medicine. It offers a residency program for med school graduates, continuing medical education, and supplies to rural health centers.

Children’s AIDS Program (CAP)
Funded by the Clinton Foundation and Global Strategies for HIV Prevention, this is the largest pediatric HIV treatment program on the continent. Over 1000 children are being followed and more than 700 receive ARV treatment.

Fistula Repair
Fistula (a tear in the vaginal or rectal wall that results in incontinence) is a major problem with half of patients suffering fistula as the result of violent rape, and the other half from obstructed labor.

HEAL Africa runs a large orthopedic clinic at the hospital and conducts outreach clinics in outlying hospitals, the only one in northeastern Congo.  Many of the patients are children with foot problems resulting from polio, clubfoot, or childhood injuries that weren’t properly repaired.


Safe Motherhood
This program provides necessary care from prenatal to delivery. Congo has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. Preliminary findings show that Safe Motherhood reduces that rate by 99% in communities using the program.

Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMCT)
Partners with rural health centers to prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child.

Choisir La Vie
HIV education for youth, communities and churches. Also offers programs to support people living with HIV.

Results from HEAL Africa’s Health Efforts

  • Nearly 40,000 women have received post-rape treatment, counseling and support since 2003.
  • More than 2684 surgeries took place last year alone.
  • 2,000 fistula repair surgeries since 2003.
  • 80,000 community activists trained in HIV/AIDS prevention and care.
  • Over 1,000 families affected by HIV/AIDS received micro-grants.
  • Thousands of women provided access to safer birthing.
  • Preliminary findings show a 99% decrease in maternal mortality in communities using Safe Motherhood program.