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We appreciate your interest in exploring the planned giving options with HEAL Africa. Our team has worked with individuals and organizations that are highly qualified in this area. We are happy to provide information regarding those individuals and organizations, upon request.

Planned Giving is particularly appropriate for those individuals and families that have significant financial resources and are interested in combining personal financial objectives with their unique giving goals. At HEAL Africa, we believe in providing our donors with the information that is best suited to address their particular interests and objectives.

Please consider this an invitation to discuss possible opportunities for planned giving with a representative of HEAL Africa. You may contact HEAL Africa USA Executive Director Jack Elwood at 816.536.3751 or to share your interest. All information shared with a HEAL Africa representative will be kept strictly confidential.

We look forward to talking with you and also encourage you to consult with your attorney or financial advisor before choosing any one of several possible options for giving at HEAL Africa. Thank you for considering HEAL Africa.