HEAL Africa staff is engaged in producing and publishing research on their work and the region. Below you will find links to some of their latest work.

HEAL Africa Gender Adviser Blog

Available in French only at this time. To visit, click here.

Expectations of People of North Kivu for the 2011 Elections

November 2011
HEAL Africa Pre-Election Study reveals that people in North Kivu, DR Congo are demanding their rights. The study “Les attentes des populations du Nord Kivu aux élections de 2011”, unveils that after years of suffering and neglect, Congolese people are standing up and demanding their rights. (Study only available in French at this time). Click to download (PDF).

Men and Masculinities in Eastern DR Congo

September 2011
This study analyses the relationship between sexual and gender-­‐based violence and hegemonic masculinities in the conflict zone of North Kivu province in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The study’s main focus lies on the discrepancies between dominant ideals of masculinity and the actual realities of men’s lives. As men try to enact masculine ideals of breadwinner and family head, the current political and economic context puts them under increasing pressure. Click to download (PDF) in English or French.

On the Road to Empowerment?

September 2011
The plight of women in the war and conflict-torn region of the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the most atrocious consequences of the conflict that has ravaged for over ten years now. Women not only suffer from poverty and their traditionally weak status, but they have also become a prime tool of warfare. The atrocities committed against girls and women aim at their complete physical and psychological destruction and through this the destruction of the social fabric of society. Assisting women is therefore also a key element in rebuilding communities and consolidating peace and security in the region.

Since 2005, KfW has been partnering with Heal Africa to assist victims of sexualized violence in Maniema and parts of North Kivu. We are therefore pleased with the continued effort that Heal Africa is putting on increasing the impact of its work for girls and women in the region. This study, which focuses on the economic aspects of reintegration of victims of violence, is one example how this work is reflected and continuously analyzed. Click to download (PDF)

Conflict Mapping and Management in Nehemiah Committees

March 2011

The following report follows the implementation and evaluation of a 5 month project in North Kivu that included conflict mapping and mitigation training and other activities with Nehemiah Committee (NC) leaders and young adults, and the assessment harm and harm mitigation in HEAL Africa community program staff actions and projects. The Nehemiah Committees, which begin in 2000, are local synergies of pastors, priests, imams and community leaders. HEAL Africa works in collaboration with approximately 98 NCs in the provinces of Maniema and North Kivu, generally comprised of 12 members each. They are inter-faith, and strive to be successfully balanced by gender and ethnicity. Click to download (PDF)

AIDS 2010 Fistula Report

HIV prevalence in genital fistula patients presenting to a surgical center in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Click to download (PDF)